Scoring Summary


2ndD Hollins homered to left, E Perez scored.20
2ndK Cash homered to left.30
2ndC Crawford tripled to deep right, A Gonzalez scored.40
2ndJ Lugo singled to shallow left, C Crawford scored.50
2ndB Williams hit sacrifice fly to right, H Matsui scored, J Giambi to third.51
3rdJ Gomes homered to right, E Perez scored.71
3rdG Sheffield singled to right, D Jeter scored.72
4thT Lee safe at first on error by second baseman R Cano, C Crawford scored, J Lugo to third, A Huff to second.82
4thD Hollins singled to right, J Lugo and A Huff scored, T Lee to third.102
5thG Sheffield homered to left, D Jeter and T Womack scored.105
5thB Williams doubled to deep right, H Matsui scored, J Giambi to third.106
6thD Jeter homered to center.107
7thJ Cantu grounded into fielder's choice to third, A Gonzalez scored, C Crawford out at third, J Lugo to second.117
8thR Sierra grounded out to second, R Cano scored, D Jeter to second.118
8thA Rodriguez singled to left, D Jeter scored, G Sheffield to second.119
8thH Matsui doubled to deep right, G Sheffield scored, A Rodriguez to third.1110
8thB Williams tripled to deep center, A Rodriguez, H Matsui and R Johnson scored.1113
8thJ Posada homered to right, B Williams scored.1115
8thG Sheffield homered to left, D Jeter and R Sierra scored.1118
8thA Rodriguez homered to right.1119
8thH Matsui homered to center.1120
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