Scoring Summary


1stJ Werth homered to left, J Rollins and S Victorino scored.30
1stC Ruiz homered to left, P Feliz and E Bruntlett scored.60
1stA Pagan inside-the-park home run to deep center.61
1stJ Francoeur tripled to deep right, D Murphy scored.62
3rdP Martinez singled to right, R Ibanez scored, P Feliz to third, E Bruntlett to second.72
3rdJ Rollins hit sacrifice fly to left, P Feliz scored.82
3rdA Pagan homered to right center.83
3rdC Sullivan grounded out to shortstop, L Castillo scored, D Murphy to third.84
7thD Murphy singled to center, L Castillo scored.85
8thM Stairs scored on S Green's wild pitch.95
8thA Hernandez doubled to left, C Sullivan scored.96
9thL Castillo safe at first on error by second baseman E Bruntlett, A Pagan scored.97
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