Ranking the moves at the winter meetings (Nos. 1-5)

Twenty-five players changed teams in the significant deals and free-agent signings at this year's winter meetings in Las Vegas. Here's a look at their relative values over the next five seasons (2009-2013), without considering salaries or contract situations:

1. CC Sabathia (signed with the Yankees): The big left-hander is at his peak in terms of both durability and performance. Sabathia should be worth an extra six wins or so per year to the Yankees, who hope they won't have to push him as hard in September as Milwaukee did in 2008.

2. J.J. Putz (traded to the Mets): If he's fully healthy, he's one of the most dominant late-game relievers around, with outstanding control and an out-pitch splitter. He'll make more of a difference to the Mets' bullpen than the other guy they acquired this week.

3. Francisco Rodriguez (signed with the Mets): K-Rod would be the other guy the Mets acquired. His stuff is declining and he's limited to one-inning duty, but he still misses enough bats and there won't be questions about his ability to handle ninth-inning pressure. At least, not until he blows his first save.

4. Sean Green (traded to the Mets): A right-handed specialist with tremendous sink on his fastball, Green should be the guy the Mets thought Joe Smith or Eddie Kunz would be -- their replacement for Chad Bradford, who was so valuable in their 2006 bullpen.

5. Matt Joyce (traded to Tampa Bay): Given a platoon partner he should get regular playing time starting this April as part of a two-headed solution in right field. Might surprise you with his power output.

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