2022 MLB All-Star rosters: Biggest snubs, surprises and takeaways

It's time for everybody's favorite summer debate program: that's right, MLB All-Star Snubs!

Before we get into the arguing and the name-calling, I must first make my annual reminder that MLB All-Star Games have always left plenty of future Hall of Famers off their rosters.

I always use the 1979 game, which I attended as a young kid, as an example. All-Stars that year included such luminaries as Jeff Newman, Bruce Bochte, Lee Mazzilli, Dave Kingman and Joe Sambito -- all fine major leaguers. But among the non-All-Stars that year: Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Eddie Murray, Andre Dawson, Ozzie Smith, Carlton Fisk, Phil Niekro, Dennis Eckersley, Jack Morris, Tom Seaver, Bert Blyleven, Fergie Jenkins, Don Sutton, Goose Gossage and Jim Palmer. And that's just the Hall of Famers.

The point: Selecting an All-Star team is never easy. You're weighing what a player has done in his career with what he's done in the present season -- while still finding room for one player from each team on the 32-man rosters.

OK, let's get to the snubs -- although I must say, I think the players' and league's selections were actually better than ever.

Remember the roster rules: Fans vote in the nine starters, while the players select one reserve at each position, plus the first five starting pitchers and three relievers. That gives the league office open spots for two position players and four pitchers for each league (which is where they have to find reps from the Royals and Diamondbacks).

Enough already. Who is this year's biggest snub?