Post-MLB-trade-deadline farm system rankings for all 30 teams

Gunnar Henderson, a shortstop in the Orioles organization, is rising fast and now is among the top 10 prospects in baseball. Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Between the recent MLB draft, trade deadline and players graduating to the majors, there has been so much movement since I wrote our preseason prospect lists that it's time to update my farm system rankings again.

For reference, the dollar values are based on a study by FanGraphs that took the expected big league output on average by each tier of prospect, converted that to dollars using teams' free agency spending history, and then subtracted the projected salary they would be paid in the big leagues to yield a surplus value, aka how much a team would pay to acquire the player's six-plus years of control before free agency.

Since the dollar values are lower than you'd think at the bottom of the lists ($1 million or less) and higher than you'd guess at the top (the No. 1 prospect in baseball, Mets C Francisco Alvarez, is worth $112 million), I've stuck to mostly referencing players who are closer to the top of the list as they'll have the most impact on where each team ranks.

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