2023 MLB draft rankings 3.0: Top 300 prospects

Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

It's MLB draft week and that means it is time to expand my ranking of the top prospects in this year's draft class to 300 players.

While my upcoming mock draft later this week will attempt to predict which teams will draft specific players, this, for my money, is the much more important aspect: how good I think the players actually are.

Behind the scenes, I've updated my overall minor league top 100 rankings (here's my recent top 50) to make adjustments and to remove the graduated players, so I can tell you where the top players in the draft would slot on that list the moment they sign. I've also included FV grades so you can see where those players would slot in your team's overall prospects rankings (AL and NL). I've also included tool grades for all of the players above a 40 FV, which is the cutoff I use for pretty common prospects (i.e., 40 FV or lower), while any player ranked above that has universal trade value and a real chance to be a good big leaguer.

This year's class is highlighted by a tier of three SEC prospects who have separated from the pack. Which one is No. 1? It's time to find out.