Overpaid? No, Wei-Yin Chen worth the price tag for Marlins

Wei-Yin Chen just agreed to a contract that could bring him just shy of nine figures by the time he's done. He agreed to terms for $80 million over five years, but if a sixth-year option vests, he'd get $96 million over six years.

Many in the industry are criticizing the deal, calling him "just a guy," an average big league starter who is worth nothing close to $16 million per year. They say the Marlins overpaid simply because Chen was the best of what's available.

That criticism does have merit. In terms of strikeout rate, Chen is 79th of 132 qualified starters over the past three years. He's 112th in home runs per nine innings over that same time frame. And he's no sinkerballer who gets by on inducing ground ball after ground ball; he's 110th in ground balls since 2013.

But he does excel in other statistical areas, very relevant categories that actually indicate this is a good value signing for the Marlins, even at what might seem like a hefty price. Right man, right ballpark, right team -- I applaud the move, and here's why.

Chen's command