The 2016 Chicago Cubs could be history in the making

The Chicago Cubs are good at baseball.

Not exactly a stunning statement that will cause 1930s news editors to hit a big, red button, shout "Stop the presses!" so that they can print a new edition and send it out to small children shouting headlines in the streets.

But ... the Cubs are good at baseball.

Not just regular good of course, but GOOD with all the crimes against HTML formatting that we can muster.

So just how good are the Cubs? (And no, this isn't a "How hot was it?" setup in which I give out a 1960s Borscht Belt punchline.) The Cubs have gotten off to a 26-8 start, in which historical comparisons become something of real interest. After all, in every season, there are some teams fighting for being the best in the league. But not every season features a team that ends up performing at a level where you need to compare them to the greatest teams of yesteryear.