Deals, call-ups impact MLB defensive rankings

Third baseman Todd Frazier will help the Yankees improve afield from the hot corner. Elsa/Getty Images

The MLB trade deadline has come and gone, with many high-profile names moving from one team to another. Even though pitchers and sluggers attracted the most attention this year, as they do most years, the fact remains that these trades also have a defensive impact. Some teams might have improved in this regard by either trading away a defensive liability or trading for a more sure-handed fielder, while others might have worsened by doing the opposite.

Based on these moves as well as other recent lineup changes, there has been a lot of movement in terms of a team's defensive rankings. Here's how they sort out with two months left to go in the season, based on a combination of season-to-date defensive runs saved (DRS) numbers and the team's expected lineup going forward.

Tier 1: The Best
Who: St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox

In our last iteration of these tiers, the Cubs, Rays and Red Sox occupied the top tier by themselves. Neither play since nor the trade deadline have done anything to change that, as those three teams remain in the top six in terms of DRS for the season.