Clayton Kershaw's new deal likely means he's a Dodger for life

With his skills diminishing, the best contract for Los Angeles' ace wasn't on the open market -- and he knew it. Expect a Hollywood ending when it's time for him to hang up his cleats. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Sandy Koufax attended the World Series in Los Angeles last weekend, but he did not throw out a ceremonial first pitch; in retirement, he has mostly eschewed center stage, politely and graciously maintaining his privacy. But he loves being around the game, enjoys his conversations with players, and before Game 3 he quietly made his way down a corridor underneath the stands at Dodger Stadium. In jeans and a dress shirt, the Hall of Famer settled into a seat behind home plate early in the 18 innings played that night.

Clayton Kershaw will someday make a speech in Cooperstown, when he's inducted into the Hall of Fame for his three Cy Young awards and MVP award and many ERA titles. And now that he is committed to remaining with the Dodgers for the years ahead, it is all but assured Kershaw will spend the rest of his career with the franchise before joining Koufax in legacy.