Even if Mets contend with Cano and Diaz, dealing Kelenic could haunt them

This had to be Mets fans' worst nightmare: The owners, who seemingly can't stop meddling in baseball operations, would hire someone as GM who'd short-circuit the ongoing rebuilding of the farm system in pursuit of short-term wins.

Yes, it is entirely possible that the acquisition of Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano is the first step toward turning the Mets from a fourth-place team into a playoff team -- even with three teams ahead of them in their own division also improving and spending more money to do so. It's not unreasonable to think that a bit of luck and good health could give the Mets a championship-caliber rotation, that Diaz repeats his historically great 2018 performance, that Cano churns out one last All-Star season, and it all comes together for a 90- to 95-win campaign. It's possible, but it's not likely, and the cost was the Mets' top two prospects, one of whom is the sort of high-ceiling position player they haven't produced from their system since David Wright, because they didn't want to spend more money or, if we believe the rumor mill, give up a 27-year-old rookie.