Are the record-setting Twins really the best home run team ever?

On Saturday night, the 2019 Minnesota Twins established the record for the most home runs hit by a team in big league history. On Aug. 31.

The Twins mashed six more long balls in Detroit on Saturday, pushing their total to 268 and breaking the existing record set by last year's New York Yankees.

The team version of the home run record generates headlines, but excitement about it pales in comparison to the explosion of coverage we see anytime a player pursues the individual single-season record. This is understandable -- a drama with a clear-cut protagonist is more resonant than one with a mostly indistinguishable ensemble, even an impressive one.

This season, the Twins have been a go-to feel-good story in the baseball media as they've risen from mediocrity to a nearly season-long first-place standing in the American League Central. The home run storyline makes for a nice thread in these stories. But one thing you find lacking from these features: suggestions that the Twins are the best home run-hitting team of all time.