Buster Olney's top 10 first basemen: Has Pete Alonso powered his way to the top of the list?

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Braves outfielder Nick Markakis says that his talk with teammate Freddie Freeman opened his eyes to the seriousness of the coronavirus. (1:53)

The inaugural Most Valuable Player Award, bestowed by the American League in 1922, was won by a first baseman, George Sisler, who hit .420 for the St. Louis Browns. Nine years later, in 1931, the baseball writers jumped into the awards business, and since then, first basemen have been preeminent in the MVP voting. According to Elias Sports Bureau research, more MVPs have been won by first basemen than at any of the other eight positions.

First base: 29
Right field: 25
Left field: 23
Pitcher: 22
Center field: 19
Third base: 19
Catcher: 16
Shortstop: 15
Second base: 11

But almost a decade has passed since a first baseman finished first in the voting -- Joey Votto in 2010 -- just one indication of how differently teams use the position than in the past.