Kiley McDaniel's guide to 2020 MLB rookie hitters for fantasy value

Why these rookie hitters should be drafted to your fantasy team (0:58)

Kiley McDaniel breaks down which MLB rookie batters to look out for when drafting players for fantasy teams. (0:58)

I'll start here with one disclosure: I don't play fantasy baseball. I help some friends with their fantasy teams, specifically around young players, the ones they aren't as familiar with.

Whether you're a Major League Baseball die-hard or a fantasy player or some combination thereof, knowing the young players entering the big leagues this season is de rigueur at some point. A bunch of names of kids in A-ball is only so much help, so I have instead created a 2020 guide to rookies, trying to balance their talent, proximity to being big-league-ready and their potential opportunity, when applicable.

Today we start with the rookie-eligible position players. The hitters are a little easier to separate into a category or to find a fit for a specific opening on a fantasy roster, but there's also a clear tier of every-day types with either clear shots at an Opening Day lineup spot or a chance to be a quick addition. I'll refer to players opening the season at Double-A or Triple-A even, though there may not be a minor league season, as a way of measuring how big-league-ready a player is.