Biggest needs and best fits: 2020 MLB draft guide for all 30 teams

Get to know MLB draft hopeful Nick Gonzales (1:22)

Jessica Mendoza chats with former New Mexico State infielder Nick Gonzales as he preps for the 2020 MLB draft. (1:22)

The 2020 MLB draft, to be held June 10 and 11, will be unlike any other. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the draft will be conducted remotely and limited to just five rounds, down from 40 in 2019. Teams will be able to sign an unlimited number of undrafted players, at a price of $20,000.

Additionally, college and high school prospects had their spring seasons cut short or eliminated altogether, leaving MLB teams with much less information on the players than they typically would have.

Here is a guide for all 30 teams, with each organization's greatest needs, the best fits in the draft, each team's typical approach, a list of its picks this year, where each farm system ranks and more.