2020 MLB mock draft 2.0: Kiley McDaniel offers percentages

With the June 10 shortened five-round 2020 MLB draft fast approaching, team preferences and talent tiers are coming into focus, so it made sense to pump some sources and put out another mock draft before we enter the final phase of preparations. I have a solid feel for where the top half-dozen or so picks stand right now, and rather than giving a binary "here's the pick" sort of projection or just naming a bunch of options, the left side of my brain came up with the idea more precise in what I'm hearing from sources (hopefully with some accuracy as well).

For each of the first seven picks, I provide the percentages of who I think could be taken. Other than for the first pick (I'm hearing the Tigers are down to two options), the percentages don't add up to 100 because I'm listing only those who I think have at least a 20% likelihood of being taken. I found that by the eighth pick, preferences become less clear, and there are so many possible scenarios that this approach loses its value.