World Series 2020: Why did the Boston Red Sox trade away Mookie Betts?

Wilbon: How dumb were the Boston Red Sox to let Mookie Betts go (0:46)

Michael Wilbon sounds off on the Boston Red Sox, saying that letting Mookie Betts go could have been the dumbest move in all of sports. (0:46)

Exciting news, Boston Red Sox fans! Your team announced a big upcoming makeover earlier this week. That's right ... a plan to redevelop various sites around Fenway Park into apartments, offices, retail space and maybe even a hotel. A boutique hotel, most likely. Something unique, not your generic Marriott or Holiday Inn, perhaps a five-star hotel that offers everything.

This news came on the eve of Game 1 of the World Series, when Mookie Betts proceeded to do it all in the Dodgers' victory to open the series, including his mad dash around the bases -- stealing second and third and then beating the throw home on an infield chopper. He later homered and, not that anybody is going to feel any sympathy for Red Sox fans, you can only imagine the pain they felt seeing Betts do all this for another team. Indeed, after a Betts single in the eighth inning, Joe Buck spoke for Red Sox Nation when he said, "Red Sox fans are watching this going, 'Hello, why did we trade this guy? How can they not afford Mookie Betts?'"