American League offseason checklists: What every team needs to get done this winter

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With a slow free-agency period barely getting started, it seems like a good time to take stock of all 30 clubs before big signings occur. We began with the National League teams the other day, and now we turn our attention to the American League. I'd love to tell you how much each team has to spend and, for that matter, how much each free agent will get and when they'll sign, but this winter has more uncertainty than any other in recent memory.

Take this as a stock check on the organizations in terms of where each stands on the competitive cycle, club leadership, payroll space and flexibility, and paths to contention. I've chosen to list the whole 40-man roster, excepting the fringe types who are over age 25, and I've added with an asterisk some players not on the 40-man roster who might soon be added or become relevant during the 2021 season.