World Series 2021: The best hitting and pitching tools in the Astros-Braves Fall Classic

I'm taking one more lap on the World Series by breaking it down on a scouting basis across the core tools. It's not technically just the five tools you always hear about -- I split one of them into two sub-tools -- and it's also pretty clean to put pitching into five tools (the four main pitches plus command) as well.

Like with the World Series player rankings, Ronald Acuna Jr.'s absence looms large. When healthy, he and Mike Trout are the two best players in baseball and, as such, would grab a number of the titles given out below. I actually think I would give Acuna four of the six and mention him as a notable runner-up in the other two. It's amazing how talented he is and that the Braves finally reached the World Series without him in a year where Mike Trout also wasn't able to stay on the field long enough to dominate the league, either. We have an embarrassment of young elite talent in the game, and it'll be even better next year when (fingers crossed) everyone stays healthy.