The way-too-early 2027 All-MLB team


Sure, this seems like an easy task: Plug some numbers into our spreadsheets, shake the Magic 8 Ball for a little additional advice and spit out the 2027 All-MLB team. It can't be that difficult to project the sport's top superstars five years from now.

Except, as Ron Washington might say, it's incredibly hard.

Just look at five years ago. If we had been projecting the All-2022 team prior to the 2017 season, some of our top candidates would have been:

Not all these players were duds in 2021, but none of them would be top choices for an All-2022 team. Oh, and projecting prospects isn't so easy either. The consensus top prospect heading into 2017 was Andrew Benintendi, and the top pitching prospect was Alex Reyes.

So here's our All-2027 squad. We had to consider how players age, which players may shift positions and which pitchers are the best bets to stay healthy. Thanks to the influx of young superstar talent in recent seasons, there were a couple obvious choices. Then things got fun.