Why Druw Jones could be the best MLB draft prospect since Bryce Harper

The first questions I get asked about a draft class every year are the same: Who is the best player this year? Is he one of those Bryce Harper-level guys who could be the best prospect in a decade? The 2010 No. 1 overall pick is still a touchpoint for even casual baseball fans, the LeBron James of his sport. Like James, Harper was hyped very early (an SI cover as a high school junior baseball player) and has largely lived up to it (two MVPs, a $330 million deal, and two-thirds of a Hall of Fame-level WAR while still in his 20s).

When I was asked that question about the 2022 draft at this time last year, the answer was "maybe," but it was Florida prep CF Elijah Green who demanded that kind of hype at age 16. He was and is showing that level of raw tools, but his hitting ability hasn't allowed him to reach Harper heights and he sits third on my board.

Now, the answer to that question is "yes," depending on your definition -- but I'm speaking about the No. 1 prospect on my draft board, Georgia prep CF Druw Jones (son of Atlanta Braves star Andruw). Jones had his viral moment last week and luckily I was there: