Did Los Angeles Dodgers top even themselves? How 2022 roster stacks up to L.A.'s recent superteams

Freddie Freeman begins his Los Angeles Dodgers career when he reports to spring training Friday, officially making the improbable possible. A Dodgers team that won 106 games in 2021 and led the National League in runs adds a player who hit .300 with 31 home runs.

"On paper, it's a great ballclub, it's a great ballclub. The lineup is good a lineup as I've ever seen," manager Dave Roberts told reporters Thursday.

"He knows how to drive in runs. That's an art form, not just something that happens overnight. When you add that into our lineup ... whew ... it could be a pretty ridiculous year for him," said third baseman Justin Turner.

"I'm excited to have him. I know he's going to be excited to be here. He has the personality that will fit into any clubhouse. That's good. We have a position-player lineup of all All-Stars," said pitcher Clayton Kershaw -- with a huge smile.

Indeed, that description of a lineup of All-Stars isn't an exaggeration. Remember "The Simpsons" baseball episode when Mr. Burns recruits a group of major league All-Stars to play for the Springfield nuclear power plant softball team? It aired in February 1992. Here are the OPS+ figures for that lineup from 1991: