Kiley McDaniel's 2022 National League team-by-team prospect rankings

Earlier in the offseason, I ranked the Top 100 MLB prospects and all 30 farm systems heading into the 2022 season. Now it's time to go deeper with my team-by-team rankings, starting with the National League followed by the American League lists later this week.

A quick refresher on a key term you'll see throughout the team lists: future value, shortened to FV hereafter, sums up the value of a player into one number. It's graded on the 20-80 scouting scale. A low-end everyday player is a 50, which correlates to 2.0 WAR; a well-above-average position player, No. 3 starter or high-end closer is a 60, or somewhere around 3.0 WAR. I refrain from tossing out an 80 on minor leaguers because that would imply one is expected to be one of the top players in baseball.