How Aaron Judge can hit 60 (or 70?!) home runs this season in 5 easy steps

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge crushed his 45th home run of the season two days ago in Seattle, a towering 412-foot shot that landed in the second deck, off a first-pitch slider from the Dickensian-named Penn Murfee. As far as Judge home runs go, this one was actually rather pedestrian: His 36th-best exit velocity, 26th-best in distance and 11th in highest launch angle at 32 degrees. Yes, just a routine second-deck home run.

It was Judge's 15th home run in his past 23 games as he continues to tower over both leagues. He has 11 more home runs than Kyle Schwarber, the No. 2 home run hitter in the majors. If that spread holds the rest of the season, it would be the largest margin since Jose Bautista hit 54 in 2010, 12 more than Albert Pujols, and if Judge can get the spread up to 13, it would be the largest since Willie Mays hit 13 more than Willie McCovey in 1965.

The bigger number that is now in sight, however: 60 ... or 62 ... or even ... it almost feels ridiculous to say it out loud ... 74.

The Yankees have played 112 games. Who are the leaders for most home runs through 112 team games played?