October ace tiers: Ranking the top starting pitchers in the 2022 MLB playoffs

Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire

Now that the 2022 MLB playoffs are underway, it's time for a postseason-flavored update to my in-season ace rankings.

This originally ran at the start of the wild-card round and has been updated as a look at players on teams in this year's division series and only those currently healthy or projected to be healthy very soon. Instead of projecting for the next season, a potential peak season or a full career, this ranking is based on value for this postseason alone, not considering how deep their teams might go. Here's last year's playoff list and this year's April list.

That means past postseason experience counts more than in a conventional ace ranking (and in many cases will act as a tiebreaker), while 2022 performance is more relevant than a multiseason track record, though having both is even better. Some of the best advice I got from scouts and execs that I ran this list by was to prefer currently healthy arms with a recent run of swing-and-miss stuff rather than focusing on name brands with good full-season stats.

Some teams are heavily featured here and thus some of these pitchers could also be used out of the bullpen, but that doesn't diminish for me what they could do as a starter -- if given the shot.

Here are the aces who will rule this October.