MLB 2023 trade deadline: Winners, losers and in-betweeners

Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

All and all, the 2023 trade deadline turned out to be pretty standard fare. Most of the teams we thought would subtract did so. Most of the teams we thought would add also did so, at least to some extent.

There were no franchise-altering moves, such as last year's Juan Soto bonanza. Shohei Ohtani remained with the Los Angeles Angels, though we've known that would be the case for some time now. The biggest names that moved were future Hall of Famers Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, but their trades were less than shocking given the New York Mets' disappointing season.

So, while this deadline was more about jostling for position than truly shaking things up, there are still winners and losers. Let's see who came out the best -- and the worst -- after the dust from baseball's annual transaction bazaar settled.