Inside the year of the home run-crushing Braves

Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire

The Atlanta Braves -- the team with the most home runs in National League history, the team with the highest slugging percentage ever in a season, the team that has averaged nearly two home runs per game -- did not hit a home run on Opening Day.

Believe it or not, they do not homer every game, although they have hit at least one in 132 of the 148 games they've played this season and three or more in 43 games -- including four in their second game.

From there, the onslaught on the record books began.

The Braves are on pace for 314 home runs, which would edge them past the 2019 Minnesota Twins, who hold the season record with 307 home runs. In June, they had one of the greatest offensive months any team has ever had. Some are calling this Braves lineup the best of all time, and that doesn't feel like an in-the-moment hyperbole.

"Sometimes, I get a little nervous before the game," Braves starter Spencer Strider said after the second game of the season. "Then I look at our lineup and I feel a lot better."

How did they get here? Let's dig into some of the Braves' most memorable home runs and the numbers behind their incredible season to determine, if indeed, this is the greatest lineup ever assembled.