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 Wednesday, May 10
Free admission offered to groups Rocker insulted news services

The Butte (Montana) Copper Kings announced Wednesday that July 7 will be Rocker Awareness Day.

The special promotion is centered on Atlanta Braves reliever John Rocker and his infamous statements made during the offseason about New Yorkers, minorities and foreigners.

The Copper Kings will offer free admission for their Advanced Pioneer League game against the Idaho Falls Padres to anyone who:

  • Is a native of New York;
  • Has ridden the No. 7 train in New York;
  • Is a young mother with children;
  • Has purple hair;
  • Does not speak English as their primary language;
  • Is a member of any of the other groups Rocker insulted;
  • Is a resident of Rocker, Montana.

    "We wanted to honor the local, hard-working spirit of the residents of Rocker, Montana, as well as all those who John Rocker insulted and defamed in his now infamous comments," said Copper Kings president and general manager Brent Boznanski.

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