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Thursday, March 21
Sabean not angry, but says Giants hold all cards

Associated Press

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- San Francisco Giants second baseman Jeff Kent might have broken his wrist falling off a motorcycle, not while washing his truck as he claims, general manager Brian Sabean said.

Kent's Wrist Healing
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Tests on Giants second baseman Jeff Kent showed some healing in the broken bone in his left wrist.

"It's not completely healed, so it can be reinjured," trainer Stan Conte said Friday. "What it does mean is we can pursue a different kind of rehab. We'll see what he can take without pain."

Kent, who originally injured the wrist on March 1, will no longer need a permanent cast, but will continue to keep the wrist immobilized when he's not working out.

"We could affect the healing by rushing it too much," Conte said. "We can't do the wrong thing."
-- The Associated Press

"There's mounting evidence from all sorts of eyewitnesses that says he fell off a motorcycle popping wheelies," Sabean said Wednesday.

The guarantee language in Kent's contract bans certain activities, including motorcycle riding, meaning the Giants could try to void the contract or fine him. The former NL MVP, who hopes to be playing by Opening Day, is in the option year of the deal, which would pay him $6 million.

A report in Wednesday's Arizona Republic, quoting police reports and eyewitness accounts, said Kent might have been injured on a road about a mile from the Giants' minor league training facility.

"Unfortunately for me and Jeff Kent this is part of my job," Sabean said. "We'll weigh all the information and all the options. The most important thing is to get him back on the field. Meantime, all this other stuff is a distraction."

Kent originally reported the injury to the Giants on March 2, a day after he said he was hurt washing his truck. The Giants began investigating last Friday.

"I haven't talked to Jeff yet and I don't plan on it," Sabean said. "We hold all the cards, not that we want to use them. I'm not angry. That's life. There's just a big difference between riding a motorcycle and popping wheelies."

Kent declined comment Wednesday and was not available Thursday, when he had an off-day. He tried to diffuse the situation last Saturday.

"I don't want to get into petty arguments," he said at the time. "I live dangerously. I wash trucks. I ride motorcycles. It probably sounds more intriguing if I broke it by riding a motorcycle."

He spoke about his injury Wednesday night on KNBR radio but didn't clarify how if occurred.

"I know that there are a lot of people out there who might believe in the motorcycle incident," he said. "Heck, it's pretty believable. But the statements I made a long time ago are the statements that came out of my mouth. If people want to believe that, great. I'm done making comments. This has got to end sometime. It's a story that does not need to be printed. Whether it's the truth or not, that's up to the people to decide. At the end of the day it's still a fractured wrist."

Sabean was the general manager who engineered a trade for Kent, along with Julian Tavarez, Jose Vizcaino, Joe Roa and cash for Matt Williams and Trinidad Hubbard on Nov. 13, 1996.

Kent has five consecutive seasons of driving in 100 or more runs since joining the Giants and won the NL MVP award in 2000.

"All I know is what he told me," Giants manager Dusty Baker said. "Reports don't mean anything. We always emphasize no off-field injuries, but sometimes they happen. How they happen is personal."

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