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Saturday, August 31
Wells criticizes Selig, owners news services

The players and owners might have come to an agreement on the labor front Friday, but that didn't stop Yankees lefty David Wells from spouting off on the game's head honcho.

David Wells

Wells tore into baseball commissioner Bud Selig, calling him a "knucklehead" and a "car salesman," according to a report in the New York Daily News.

"He's a knucklehead. Man, he's a knucklehead," Wells told the Daily News. "He's coming in and trying to break our union, basically. Just some of the things that he's thrown on the table, you just don't understand. To me, that's a knucklehead. I don't think anybody has the (expletive) to say it. But I don't care.

"I believe in our union. I believe in what we stand for and what we've done. A lot of guys over the years have went on strike to put us in a better position and helped give us a better life in baseball. And I think we have to do the same for the younger generation, to show, 'Hey, we've got a union. We're not going to let these people come in and try to take over,' because if they did, then this game, it would be like the NFL -- caps. They've got all that. And I don't think we should have one.

"The owners, they're the ones going out there giving all the big contracts. Look at (Rangers owner Tom) Hicks. Now all of a sudden he's screaming. Why did he offer $250 million (to A-Rod) -- $100 million above anybody else's offer? I think it's crazy. And then these guys are going to bitch and complain about all these disputes of luxury tax and all that."

Wells said other teams could fare as well as the Yankees, but don't have the ownership or management personnel to do so. He focused his criticism on the Brewers, the team formerly run and owned by Selig and still in his family.

"I think a lot of owners out there can do the same thing (as Steinbrenner), but they elect not to -- especially Bud," Wells told the Daily News. "He's got this small-market team, and that's the way he wants it."

Wells also criticized Selig for not being a part of the talks in New York until two days before the strike deadline.

"They're all in New York trying to get this stuff done, and where's Bud? I mean, if they had a deal the other night, where's Bud?" Wells said. "And then he flies in last minute. Maybe he just tried to do that to be a hero. Who knows?

"But the bottom line is we're playing. Everybody is happy."

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