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Saturday, September 28
Ordonez angry with fans, wants out after 2003 news services

Mets fans might need to prepare themselves for seeing a new face at shortstop.

The player currently at that position, Rey Ordonez, went off on New York fans Friday, and proclaimed that next season will be his last as a Met.

According to a report in the New York Post, Ordonez said "I don't want to play here no more," just before the Braves swept the Mets in a doubleheader at Shea Stadium.

"The fans here are too stupid," Ordonez told The Post. "You have to play perfect every game. You can't make an error. You can't go 0-for-4. Are we like (expletive) machines?"

With the 3-1 and 7-4 losses Friday, the Mets clinched last place in the NL East (74-85).

Ordonez's four-year, $19 million deal ends after the 2003 season, and the Mets might not include him after that regardless of his comments. Prospect Jose Reyes, who is just 19, is waiting in the wings. Ordonez is 31.

Ordonez, who will make $6.25 million next season, didn't take the replacement talk lightly, since he endured the Mets' past luring of Alex Rodriguez.

"A-Rod don't play here," Ordonez told the newspaper. "Reyes don't play here. I've got one more year on my contract."

And the Mets might have to stick with Ordonez for that final season, since few teams would be unable to add on his salary. Ordonez said he would like to eventually go to a team where there is less pressure.

"I want something more relaxed," Ordonez told The Post. "I'll probably play two or three more years (after next season), then I'm gone. After next year, I'm looking for something else. Maybe close to Florida."

According to the report, Ordonez's public lashing of Mets fans isn't a result of the team's demise this season.

"They boo all the time," Ordonez told The Post. "Why don't they play baseball? Because it's hard, right? It's hard."

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