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Thursday, October 24
Red Sox, Expos would share Fenway for season news services

NEW YORK -- Is Boston about to be a two-team baseball town again?

Preliminary discussions which have involved some people at the "highest levels of baseball" are considering having the Montreal Expos share Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox next season, according to a report in Thursday's New York Daily News.

According to the newspaper, the Expos would play in Fenway for one year while Major League Baseball continues to search for a buyer, who could possibly move the team.

"There's nothing to it,'' Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino told the Boston Globe Thursday morning from his hotel room in San Francisco, where he is attending the World Series.

The motivations are two-fold: the Expos would be out of Montreal, where they had baseball's lowest attendance and are considered a lame duck franchise, and the Red Sox management would receive rent from the team, added revenue to a team which sold for $700 million a year ago.

"This could be a win-win-win for all the parties involved except the 200 season ticket-holders in Montreal," a source told the Daily News. "The Red Sox get the benefit of the extra revenue, the Expos get a great place to play where people will come out to see them and Boston fans get to see National League baseball again."

The Boston Braves were a member of the National League until 1953, when they moved to Milwaukee (and later to Atlanta).

Scheduling would be a small problem, sources told the Daily News. There are only a few dates when the two teams are scheduled at home at the same time.

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