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Monday, March 24
Updated: March 25, 10:11 AM ET
Yankees' Wells meets with Torre, Cashman news services

TAMPA, Fla. -- New York Yankees pitcher David Wells, the center of attention this spring because of his autobiography, wants to meet with George Steinbrenner to find out where things stand.

David Wells

Wells has said "hi" each time he crosses the path of Steinbrenner, but the Yankees owner has yet to answer, The New York Post reported in Monday's editions.

"It's discomforting," Wells told the Post during a 20-minute interview Sunday with the newspaper.

So far, Wells has been unsuccessful in setting up a meeting with the owner.

"It's been a while since we talked,'' Wells said Monday. "If he's got an open window, hopefully I'll fit in there. I can't barge in there. You've got to wait in line. He's a busy man.''

Steinbrenner appeared to be in no hurry to talk.

"I have no plans to do anything. How's that?'' Steinbrenner said when asked about Wells' request.

Manager Joe Torre and general manager Brian Cashman met with Wells before the Yankees lost 4-2 to Detroit on Monday night. Torre said for the first time he feels Wells has become distracted by the off-the-field situation.

"Ideally he'd like to talk to George, but that doesn't mean because you want, that it's going to happen,'' Torre said. "He shouldn't rely on chatting with the Boss. The only thing I let him know today was the important thing is pitching.''

Torre did inform Wells he will start the Yankees' fourth game of season at Tampa Bay.

"If he's not prepared to go out there, I think he's the first one to tell me,'' Torre said. "He's got to be ready to pitch. He's going to have to deal with this and tell me he's ready to pitch. If he isn't, then we have to do something different. It's not a threat. He's got to find a way to work things for himself otherwise is not fair to the team.''

Cashman and Torre don't plan to intercede in Wells' request to talk with Steinbrenner.

"He chose not to. He doesn't want to,'' Cashman said of Steinbrenner. "You don't always get an audience anytime anybody asks for one with the king.''

Wells was fined $100,000 by the Yankees on March 10 because the club said his autobiography, "Perfect I'm Not! Boomer on Beer, Brawls, Backaches & Baseball,'' tarnished the team's image.

"He's done a lot of great things for me,'' Wells said. "I just think we should eventually sit down and talk. I don't have any hard feelings or anything of that sort toward him.''

Wells didn't join teammates for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot last weekend because he's angry about an article in the magazine three years ago.

The photo, featuring the Yankees' starting rotation and Steinbrenner, is intended for this week's cover. Steinbrenner said he "really didn't care'' when asked why Wells was missing from the shoot.

Wells went 19-7 with a 3.75 ERA in 31 starts last season.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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