Clemens would like to play in 2004 Olympics

Roger Clemens wants a possible golden ending to his baseball career.

Clemens, who plans to retire after this season with the Yankees, would like to play for Team USA in the 2004 Olympics, according to a report by Baseball America on Monday night.

"I want to play for my country and have a chance to win a gold medal," Clemens told the magazine. "(But) I've got to put it all on the back burner till I get through this year."

"He's done everything, but one thing Roger doesn't have is a gold medal. It would be a great punctuation to a great career," Clemens' agent Alan Hendricks said in the report.

Clemens isn't seek special treatment in the selection process of the American team, and would like to be invited to tryouts which would likely begin in October. A process the Rocket might have to skip if the Yankees advance far in the postseason.

"I'll pay more attention to it probably when we get to the first part of next year," Clemens told the magazine.

The U.S. still must qualify for the Athens games by finishing first or second in the Pan American Games beginning Oct. 30.

"All the years I've wanted to do it, it's never worked out," Clemens said in the report.