Report: MLB slates '04 home dates in Montreal

The Expos likely will remain in Montreal for at least another season, the Washington Post reported over the weekend.

A draft of Major League Baseball's 2004 schedule, still subject to review by the players' union, includes the entire slate of Expos home games being played in Montreal, according to The Post.

That would mean the chances of the Expos moving next season are "probably as remote as it can be," union general counsel Gene Orza told the Post.

This season, the Expos have split their home dates evenly between Montreal and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Post reported that the union sought for the Expos to play all their home games in one city for next season.

Robert DuPuy, president and chief operating officer of Major League Baseball, told the Post a decision could be made by Sept. 15.

Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Portland, Ore., San Juan and Monterrey, Mexico, have expressed interest in becoming a new home to the Expos, according to The Post.