6-18 rookie may get back in rotation

DETROIT -- Detroit Tigers rookie Jeremy Bonderman, one of two
Detroit pitchers on a pace to lose more than 20 games, was removed
from the starting rotation Wednesday by manager Alan Trammell.

Bonderman, 6-18 with a 5.66 ERA, was scheduled to start Sunday
in Toronto, but will be replaced by Chris Mears. Bonderman is 2-4
with a 7.53 ERA in seven starts since Aug. 1.

Trammell and pitching coach Bob Cluck had put a 170-inning limit
on Bonderman, but are taking him out of the rotation after 148

"I think Jeremy is back to throwing instead of pitching, so I
want him to work on the side with Bob," Trammell said. "He was
disappointed when I told him -- he feels like he is letting us

Trammell said the move was only temporary and that Bonderman
would "likely" make at least one more start before the end of the

Mike Maroth of the Tigers is 6-19 with a 5.42 ERA.

Oakland's Brian Kingman in 1980 was the last pitcher to lose 20
games. The last team with two 20-game losers was the 1973 Chicago White Sox with Wilbur Wood (24-20) and Stan Bahnsen (18-21).