Padres to have totally different look

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Padres will have new uniforms and a new logo when they move into their new downtown ballpark next spring.

The Padres unveiled a tricolor scheme of navy, sand and sky blue
on Thursday. The colors are supposed to represent the sea, the sky
and beaches.

Orange is out as an accent color.

The new color scheme mirrors the decor of Petco Park, the new
$458 million ballpark that will open in April.

"These are your work clothes," closer Trevor Hoffman said.
"You want to feel good when you get ready to go to work. I think
they did a nice job with them. It's not a drastic change, not a
complete overhaul.

"Whenever you change uniforms, people are going to have their
say and talk about what they like or don't like. Ultimately, it's
the way we play on the field that's going to make any uniform look

The road uniforms will be a sand color and will feature a big S,
D and O in San Diego.

"I like the big 'D.' I hope that stands for defense," manager
Bruce Bochy said.

Bochy wore the brown and yellow uniforms in the 1980s and the
blue uniforms in the 1990s.

"I think the new ones are my favorite. It's different, but I
like it," he said.

The uniform modifications are the first major changes for the
Padres since 1991 and the 10th in team history. The new uniforms
include new elements along with links to its past. The interlocking
SD will remain on a navy cap, altered slightly from those worn by
the original Pacific Coast League Padres debuting in 1936, and the
big league Padres debuting in 1969.

The Padres also made their first logo change since 1991.

The new logo incorporates a home plate with the crest of a wave.
The "P'' in the Padres is shaped like a sail.

The Swinging Friar logo will remain on the Padres alternate