A-Rod: 'I feel a grand responsibility'

NEW YORK -- Wearing their finest evening clothes, Alex
Rodriguez and the Texas Rangers tried to put a formal end to their
troubled offseason filled with trade talk and tension.

At an unusual news conference in which everyone wore tuxedos,
the Rangers appointed Rodriguez their captain on Sunday night.

In town to accept the American League MVP award, Rodriguez met
for five hours in the hotel suite of Rangers owner Tom Hicks, with
general manager John Hart and manager Buck Showalter joining in.
Afterward, the quartet proclaimed the start of a new era that they
hoped would culminate in Texas' first World Series title.

"I definitely think I'm going to be here for a long time,"
Rodriguez said. "I'm probably pretty sure it will work out for the

Texas wanted to get out from the burden of the record $252
million, 10-year contract it signed Rodriguez to after the 2000
season, and the seven-time All-Star shortstop was frustrated
following three last-place finishes with the Rangers. Texas then
agreed last month to a tentative trade that would have sent the
seven-time All-Star shortstop to Boston for outfielder Manny

"It looked like there might be a situation that would be win,
win, win," Hicks said.

But the deal was contingent on A-Rod agreeing to restructure his
contract, and the players' association vetoed the proposal made by
Boston, saying it would have reduced the deal's value by $28
million to $30 million. The union made a counteroffer that would
have cut $12 million to $13 million, a proposal Boston found
unacceptable. The trade then collapsed.

"This was an unpleasant experience but probably a necessary
one," Hart said.

Showalter said he had been thinking of making Rodriguez captain
for the past year, but Hicks wasn't aware of the plan until halfway
through Sunday's meeting.

"I feel a grand responsibility not only to the Texas Rangers
but to our fans," Rodriguez said, adding that he was touched by
the gesture, especially given that he's only 28 years old.

Showalter said the only other captain under him was Don
Mattingly with the New York Yankees.

"It's something I know that portrays the best in Alex,"
Showalter said. "It is very important as we go forward that we
have someone like Alex lead our young people in the proper
direction and set the tone."

Rodriguez, just back from a vacation to London, Milan, Florence
and Venice, said he was convinced the Rangers were "moving this
train in the right direction." The team is going with youth,
putting a renewed emphasis on pitching.

He called the offseason "very stressful" and said he was
"very happy the trade talks have ended."

"I feel very good about our plan as we move forward," he said.
"I feel we're going to be very good, very soon."

Hicks looked at the injuries to Texas pitchers the last few
years and said the Rangers "had more bad luck than any team should

"I think definitely the toughest days are behind us,"
Rodriguez said, adding that he looked forward to one day
negotiating a new contract with Hicks that would extend "into my

Notes: Rodriguez received the AL MVP award at the annual dinner of
the New York chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of
America. ... A-Rod's agent, Scott Boras, also represents free-agent
Ivan Rodriguez and said the 10-time All-Star catcher could agree to
a contract this week. Detroit has offered $40 million over four
years. ... Hicks, a member of baseball's committee on the
relocation of the Montreal Expos, hopes to whittle the contender
cities to two or three by the owners' meeting in May.