Boston's faithful pick name for documentary

Boston Red Sox fans have given a name to their pain, choosing
"Still, We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie" as the title of a
documentary about their beloved, beleaguered baseball team.

The makers of a film about the dramatic 2003 season had asked
fans to select a title online from among four choices. But so many
varied responses came in that a second round of voting took place
last week on the Red Sox and Boston Globe Web sites.

Nearly 8,000 people voted, and "Still, We Believe" was the
favorite. Other choices included "This Is the Year," "The
Ecstasy and the Agony" and "Always the Bridesmaid."

"The fans have spoken," Red Sox spokesman Charles Steinberg
said. "This truly is a film about fans, for the fans, and now
named by the fans."

"Still, We Believe," a THINKFilm release, is scheduled to open
May 7 in Boston and expand nationwide throughout the spring.

The documentary follows last season, from spring training to the
AL Championship Series, in which the Sox were five
outs away from beating the rival New York Yankees in Game 7.

Instead of having a shot at winning their first World Series
since 1918, they lost 6-5 in 11 innings.

But at least Sox fans still have a sense of humor. Among the
title suggestions they posted on the Boston Globe Web site: "Dude,
Where's My Bullpen?" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Wish
I Didn't Know What You Did Last Fall."