Bradley rips Wedge, Indians in SI

CLEVELAND -- Former Cleveland outfielder Milton Bradley is
taking a few final swings at his old team, reserving his best cuts
for manager Eric Wedge.

The temperamental Bradley was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers
last month after a series of run-ins with Wedge. He's harshly
critical of his former manager and team in this week's Sports

"It was like a sinking ship," Bradley tells SI, "and I was glad to get my life raft and get my second chance over here. The right people aren't in charge there, and I'm not the only person on that team who feels this way. There are a lot of unhappy people over there, just working for a paycheck."

And Bradley points the finger at one person.

"My experience playing for the fans in Cleveland was awesome, and I took pride in and enjoyed being an Indian," he tells SI. "It was strictly a problem with Eric Wedge. Some people want to be bigger than they are. You have no credentials, you have no history of anything, how are you going to tell someone else what he needs to be doing? I can't respect somebody that has nothing to go on."

Wedge was not available for comment before Cleveland's game in
Chicago on this afternoon.

Indians general manager Mark Shapiro says he's aware of
Bradley's remarks, but chose not to directly respond to them.

Bradley had several duels with Wedge, including the final one on March 31 during spring training. Wedge thought that Bradley did not run out a pop-up. Bradley returned to the dugout and told Wedge he
felt a twinge in his groin and didn't want to risk injury in a meaningless game.

Wedge didn't buy it, and pulled Bradley from the game. Bradley immediately left the stadium, and never suited up for the Indians again. He was traded to the Dodgers just days later.

"I think it's safe to say that what was out publicly, versus what also happened behind the scenes, paled in comparison," Bradley tells SI.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.