Bush faces several charges following arrest

SAN DIEGO -- Suspended top draft pick Matt Bush allegedly bit one of the bouncers who tried to escort the San Diego Padres' prospect out of a bar, police said Tuesday.

Following his arrest early Sunday in Peoria, Ariz., Bush was
suspended indefinitely by the team. The Padres gave the 18-year-old
shortstop a $3.15 million signing bonus after picking him No. 1
overall out of a San Diego high school on June 7.

Bush was arrested on suspicion of felony assault, and
misdemeanor trespass and disorderly conduct. Bush was also cited
for underage drinking, said Jay Davies, a spokesman for the Peoria
Police Department.

Bush was arrested at about 12:30 a.m. and released later Sunday.

Employees at McDuffy's, which is across the street from the
Peoria Sports Complex, where the Padres hold spring training,
believe Bush and his 23-year-old brother, Jeremy, slipped into the
bar through a rear entrance, Davies said Tuesday.

"Somebody found out he was under age and reported him, and
that's when things turned sour for him," he said.

When security approached to lead them out, police said Bush
resisted and the pair started a fight with at least two of the

"It's alleged Matthew bit one of the security members on the
left arm," Davies said.

When police arrived, the 5-foot-10, 170-pound Bush struggled with one of the officers but eventually calmed down, Davies said. His brother tried to flee but McDuffy's security stopped him, Davies said.

Jeremy Bush was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and trespassing.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office will review the police
report and decide what charges to file, a spokeswoman said. A
preliminary hearing has been scheduled for July 6.

Bush had been assigned to the Padres' rookie-level affiliate in
Peoria. He won't be able to play during the suspension, and was
told to come to San Diego on Tuesday for a physical and to meet
with team officials.

General manager Kevin Towers, who on Monday night expressed his disappointment with the arrest, wasn't available for comment Tuesday.

Team president Dick Freeman said the Padres are looking into
both the arrest and further into Bush's background. He said it was
too early to say what further disciplinary action the team might
take against Bush.

"Even without any further investigation, I know he was in a
place he shouldn't have been," Freeman said. "We wanted to visit
with him and get his side of the story, and see if there's anything
we missed as far as his history when we did our scouting on him."

"We got input from a number of people before the draft, not
only about his baseball ability but the type of kid he is. We want
to go back and verify and make sure that information's correct, as
well as we need to find out what his history is in some of these
areas and make sure our original evaluation was proper, and
hopefully this was an isolated incident. Under any circumstance,
it's bad business."

Freeman called Bush's arrest "a huge disappointment."

"Certainly you don't like to have your first draft pick have an
incident two to three weeks after you draft him. That's not a good
situation. The reality is, no matter how hard you try to figure out
people, and understand them, these things happen."