Agent says neither side has requested trade

Hold off on the pinstripes fitting and put away the Randy Johnson-Curt Schilling reunion T-shirts ... for now.

The Diamondbacks ace isn't headed anywhere, according to his agent, Barry Meister.

Meister told the Arizona Republic in Saturday's editions that the team hasn't asked Johnson to waive his no-trade clause and he doubts the team is shopping the lefty. What's more, Johnson has not asked for a trade, he said.

"And he has certainly not presented a list of teams he would be willing to play for, nor has the team asked him to present a list," the agent told the paper.

The Diamondbacks seconded Meister's proclamation.

"There is nothing going on," team CEO Jerry Colangelo told the Republic. "I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow, so if something happens, let me know, will you?"

How much of this is just spin is unclear. On Thursday, ESPN's Peter Gammons reported that Johnson's agents had informed clubs that the Big Unit's preference is to be traded to either the Yankees or Cardinals -- and since St. Louis likely could not afford the $24 million remaining on his contract, Johnson's preference was to go to New York.

Arizona's East Valley Tribune, citing "a person who speaks often with Randy Johnson," reported that the long, tall left-hander wants to go to the Yankees, and only the Yankees.

However, the Yankees, who officially told Arizona general manager Joe Garagiola Jr. on Wednesday that they'd like to have Johnson, do not have the prospects the Diamondbacks seek, and may need a third team to get a deal done.

Earlier, there were reports that the Diamondbacks had informed the Yankees and Red Sox, along with the two Chicago teams and the Angels, that the Big Unit is available.