Maura Villarreal was kidnapped Sept. 1

Kidnappers of Maura Villarreal, the mother of Detroit Tigers reliever Ugueth Urbina, reportedly are demanding a ransom of $15 million.

A phone call to the family in Venezuela confirmed the kidnappers' demand, according to the Venezuela Electronic News.

On Tuesday, the Venezuela Electronic News reported that detectives have traced the phone call to the location from which the kidnappers made their ransom demand. Citing police sources, no money has been handed over to the kidnappers and they haven't met the family's request to provide proof that Villarreal is alive, the media outlet reported.

Urbina's mother was kidnapped Sept. 1, when men dressed as policemen entered her small Venezuelan farm and spirited her away. Urbina, 30, left the Tigers to go to Venezuela and has not returned to the team.

The men took Maura Villarreal from a house owned by Urbina in suburban Caracas on Wednesday, said Joel Rengifo, director of the
country's anti-kidnapping police force.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.