Brave pleads guilty, should get out of jail Nov. 1

ATLANTA -- Atlanta Braves shortstop Rafael Furcal, who is serving a 21-day jail sentence for being arrested while on
probation, pleaded guilty Thursday to his second drunken driving

Furcal's latest sentence will run concurrently with the
remaining 19 days of his current jail term in Cobb County. He
entered jail Tuesday, the day after the Braves lost their division
series to the Houston Astros.

After his release from jail Nov. 1, Furcal also must enter
in-house alcohol treatment, serve about 10 months of probation,
complete 240 hours of community service and attend a 20-hour course
about drunken driving.

The judge ruled that Furcal can return home to the Dominican
Republic from Dec. 24 to Jan. 2 to renew his passport.

Furcal, 26, was arrested Sept. 10 in Atlanta and charged with
driving under the influence, his second such arrest in four years.
He had faced from three days to a year in jail for the second offense
within five years.

"Everything went about as well as we could expect," Furcal's attorney, William Head said. "From the start, we were trying to get him a package deal."

Last week, Cobb County State Court Judge David Darden allowed
Furcal to participate in the playoffs despite a probation violation
on his first drunken driving charge in June 2000. Authorities said
Furcal violated the Cobb County probation when he was arrested in
Atlanta on similar charges. Darden sentenced him to 21 days in jail
to be followed by a 28-day in-house treatment program.

Furcal appeared in court Thursday wearing a Cobb County jail
sweatshirt with his hands cuffed in front of him.

Furcal, the 2000 National League rookie of the year, batted .279
with 14 homers, 59 RBI and 29 stolen bases during the regular