Generosity renders payout smallest since '97

NEW YORK -- Turns out Nomar Garciaparra was voted only a three-quarters World Series share by his former teammates on the Boston Red Sox.

Red Sox players voted full shares received $223,620 for Boston's first World Series title since 1918, the commissioner's office announced Tuesday. The amount was the smallest for a World Series winner since 1997.

The decision by Boston players to vote Garciaparra a three-quarters share was revealed to The Associated Press by a baseball official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The longtime Boston shortstop, dealt to the Chicago Cubs right before the July 31 trading deadline, received $167,715.

Red Sox players voted 58 full shares, up from 37 full shares given by the Florida Marlins the previous year -- the extra shares caused the amount to drop. At the time of the World Series, several reports said Garciaparra had been awarded a full share.

Also Tuesday, the Hall of Fame announced the Red Sox will play the Detroit Tigers, host of next summer's All-Star game, in the annual Hall of Fame exhibition game. It will be played at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, N.Y., on May 23.

St. Louis players, swept by Boston in the Series, voted 51 full shares, which came to $163,379 each, the lowest total for a World Series loser in seven seasons. Last year, the New York Yankees voted 39 full shares, which came to $180,890.

Full shares on the league championship series losers came to $101,182 for Houston and $94,061 for the Yankees.

Among first-round losers, full shares were worth $27,440 for Minnesota, $25,138 for Anaheim, $24,473 for Los Angeles and $23,172 for Atlanta. For second-place teams that didn't make the playoffs, full shares were worth $9,308 for the Chicago White Sox, $9,031 for Oakland, $8,892 for San Francisco and $8,414 for Philadelphia.

The player pool, which increased to $42.2 million from $41.3 million, includes 60 percent of the ticket money from the first three games of each division series, the first four games of each league championship series, and the first four games of the World Series.