Harry Caray's has new plan for Bartman ball

CHICAGO -- Blowing the "Bartman ball" to smithereens last
year didn't help the Chicago Cubs win a World Series. Maybe eating
the smithereens will.

A Chicago restaurant has cooked up a promotional scheme
involving what's left of the infamous foul ball. It's the one that
deflected off Cub fan Steve Bartman during Game 6 of the National
League Championship Series in 2003, which the Cubs ultimately lost to the Florida Marlins.

A year ago -- after buying the ball at auction for more than
$113,000 -- Harry Caray's Restaurant had a Hollywood
special-effects expert detonate it on live TV.

Now, Harry Caray's plans to soak the ball's remnants in
Budweiser and brew it up into a "curse-ending sauce" that will be
served on spaghetti to willing Cub fans next week.

Proceeds will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.