Hagin won't be disciplined by team

ST. LOUIS -- St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Wayne Hagin says he "screwed up" in an interview in which he appeared to imply that Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton used steroids.

Both Hagin and Cardinals president Mark Lamping issued statements of apology Tuesday to Helton and the Rockies. The Cardinals have said Hagin will not be disciplined.

"I screwed up," Hagin's statement read. "I meant to say
something good about (former Rockies manager) Don Baylor and Todd
Helton, but it did not come out that way.

"I do not believe that Todd Helton, who is a great athlete and
a good person, used anabolic steroids. I do not believe that Don
Baylor told me that Todd did."

In an interview Saturday with a St. Louis radio station, Hagin
said, "I know (Helton) tried it because Don Baylor told me. He
said to me, 'I told him to get off the juice, that he was a player
who didn't need that, get off it."'

The comment was widely reported as a reference to steroids, but
Hagin has insisted he was talking about supplements. Baylor later
said he was referring to creatine, a legal over-the-counter

Still, Helton was furious and has said he considered legal

Hagin was the broadcaster for Rockies games for 10 years before
coming to St. Louis prior to the 2003 season. He replaced the late
Jack Buck on Cardinals radio broadcasts.

Though radio station KMOX is the flagship for Cardinals
broadcasts, the announcers are employed by the team. Lamping, in
his statement, said Hagin's comments meant to "illustrate Baylor's
antipathy toward the use of performance enhancing drugs and

But Lamping said that while Hagin "legitimately confused the
issues of legal supplements and illegal anabolic steroids, the
implication that a great player had done something wrong was

Lamping apologized for Hagin's "ill-considered remarks."