Guillen said Thomas was part of 'bad attitude'

CHICAGO -- A day after saying Frank Thomas was part of a bad
attitude that surrounded the team last year, Chicago White Sox
manager Ozzie Guillen regretted the controversy his remarks

Thomas, who rejoined the team Saturday while rehabilitating his
left ankle, spoke with his manager Monday and didn't appreciate
being singled out for criticism a day earlier.

"I mean, what's new?" Thomas said. "It really is a part of my
legacy here in Chicago. It seems like every three times a year,
it's just a big Frank story blown out of proportion."

Before Sunday's game, Guillen spoke of Thomas' presence.

"It's good to have him here because now he sees a winning
attitude, because he was part of the bad attitude," Guillen said.
"Franky was a big part of the bad attitude. Now he can see how
we're handling stuff and why we're winning everyday. I want Frank
to be a part of this." Then Guillen put more blame on last year's
team in general.

"The attitude was horrible last year. It was everyone. If
you're part of a team, you're part of it, too," he said.

A day later, Guillen was unhappy about the way his remarks had
been portrayed.

"I put the radio on and all of sudden it was blasting Frank
like we hated each other," Guillen said. "All of sudden they're
blasting me and their blasting everyone. It made me sick to my
stomach because I put Frank Thomas in this situation."

Thomas expects to travel with the team while completing his
rehabilitation and hopes to be activated next month.

Thomas had a bone graft and two screws inserted on Oct. 6 to
repair a partial stress fracture of his left ankle, which he
injured while fielding a grounder June 17. Thomas was placed on the
disabled list on July 10 and missed the rest of the season.

"We talked. We always talk," Thomas said. "He called me over,
and I had no clue what was going on, I'm like, 'What's happening?'
when I got here I saw this stuff.

"I think bringing my name up in the whole conversation
yesterday was wrong," Thomas said. "I have been hurt for almost a
year now, it's like, I'm not playing, this team is doing great, why
bring me up right now, it's special what's happening with this team
right now."