Barajas: 'There's definitely nothing wrong whatsoever'

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers catcher Rod Barajas and
pitcher Ryan Drese insisted their working relationship was fine
Wednesday, a day after the batterymates scuffled in the dugout
during a game.

"This is my teammate, and I've got to go out there, and we've
got to perform," Barajas said. "There's definitely nothing wrong

While acknowledging there was an altercation, Barajas wouldn't
go into detail about what happened between him and Drese in the
middle of the sixth inning of Tuesday night's 4-3 win over Kansas

"If you really care about the game, you're going to have times
where your emotions are going to get the best of you, and things
are going to happen," he said. "You don't always agree on certain
things. You deal with it and you take care of them. That's it. It's
over with."

Cameras caught images of Barajas being restrained by teammates
after the scuffle. Both players had been on the ground briefly
during the melee, which was broken up by teammates and manager Buck

During the seventh inning, after Drese left the game, he and
Barajas were seen shaking hands. Drese said Wednesday that the
confrontation was being blown out of proportion.

"We've got a good relationship," Drese said. "We're out there
both trying to win, that's it. Everything's always been OK. That's
behind us."

Like he had after the game Tuesday night, Showalter indicated
Wednesday that the confrontation was over pitch selection. He
didn't go into detail.

Showalter said he spoke to both players individually Wednesday
and wasn't concerned that there would be an ongoing problem.

"We've moved on to the next game," Showalter said. "You
realize being in the arena how things like that happen ... But
passionate people care about the Rangers winning and doing well,
and we'll take it at that. It doesn't have to show itself in that