Fan charged with battery for dousing Giambi

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A man who threw a cup of beer on New York
Yankees player Jason Giambi has been charged with misdemeanor
battery, according to the Alameda County District Attorney's

Eric Anduri, 30, son of Lafayette Mayor Carl Anduri, is set for
arraignment June 14.

Giambi said after the May 14 incident that he wasn't interested
in pursuing charges against the man, but prosecutors went ahead
with the case.

"We have enough other witnesses to proceed with the case,"
Deputy District Attorney Paul Pinney said.

A misdemeanor battery charge "can be any kind of harmful or
offensive touching. You can spit on somebody and that can be
battery," Pinney added.

If convicted, Anduri could face a maximum sentence of six months
in jail and/or a $2,000 fine.

Giambi was doused with beer by Anduri as he walked back to the
Yankees dugout after flying out in the eighth inning of New York's
15-6 win over the Oakland Athletics.

Giambi, who won the 2000 AL MVP award while playing for Oakland,
has been booed loudly at the Coliseum since he left in December
2001 and signed with the Yankees.